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Child Abduction

SwingTo have your child abducted is every parent's nightmare and we are able to act quickly in cases of child abduction when emergency action needs to be taken.

Statistics show that children are far more likely to be abducted by a family member than by a stranger.

If your child has been taken by another family member in this country, or has not been returned after a contact visit, we can take emergency action to apply to the courts, in some cases on the day you contact us, for the return of your child to your care.

If you believe your child has been taken or retained abroad without your consent then you should contact the police, Reunite International, the leading UK charity specialising in international child abduction, and us straight away, for advice on steps that can be taken to have your child returned to you.

To discuss issues regarding child abduction, and to receive further information, book an appointment with one of our dedicated specialist family solicitors. Call us on 029 20796311 or email us now. All discussions are confidential.

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