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A different way of dealing with relationship breakdown
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Collaborative law can help parties agree at the outset that they will work together in a constructive manner

Collaborative Law is a term that may not yet be familiar to many people. It is nevertheless an exciting approach for dealing with the difficult and often distressing situation couples find themselves in, when separating, divorcing or dissolving their civil partnership.

When dealing with separation in a collaborative way, the parties agree at the outset that they will work together in a constructive manner with the aid of their lawyers, and other professionals, in a series of joint meetings, rather than going to court to resolve their difficulties.

The enormous benefits of this innovative approach are firstly that often crippling legal fees can be avoided by not fighting things out in court, and secondly the parties can hopefully maintain an ongoing relationship in the future to their financial and emotional benefit, and more importantly for that of their children.

More and more clients are seeking out collaborative lawyers to benefit from a much more dignified and satisfactory process and outcome.

The client has an initial meeting on their own with their collaborative lawyer to discuss the process and there is then a series of four way meetings between the parties and their lawyers. The aim is to deal with matters in a constructive, non hostile manner, with an outcome that is fair to everyone and, where children are involved, putting them at the forefront of discussions.

If the thought of separating brings to mind huge legal fees and years of distress, think again! A collaboratively trained lawyer will provide you with an alternative way of dealing with the whole process.

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