Domestic Abuse

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Domestic violence hurts everyone

There are many types of abuse such as actual or threatened physical, emotional, psychological, sexual or financial abuse. The abuser may be a partner or ex partner, family member or someone with whom there is or has been a close relationship.

Abuse can also be caused to a child who has witnessed, or is at risk of witnessing, domestic abuse.

Domestic abuse occurs irrespective of gender, race, class, age, religion, beliefs, sexuality, mental ability, physical ability, income, lifestyle or geographical area of residence.

Domestic abuse is dealt with under either criminal law or civil law or both. The aim of criminal law is to punish the offender, the aim of civil law is to protect the victim.

If you feel you are at immediate risk of abuse please contact the police straight away. We are able to advise and assist you in the civil courts in obtaining an injunction to protect you. We can apply to the court on an urgent basis.

We have close links to Welsh Womens Aid, Bawso, supporting people from Black and Ethnic minority backgrounds who are affected by domestic abuse, and The Dyn Project who provide advice and assistance to male victims of domestic abuse.

To discuss issues regarding domestic abuse, and to receive further information, book an appointment with one of our dedicated specialist family solicitors.

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