Our Charges

We are able to offer fixed fees for example, changing your name, as in these types of cases the procedure is generally the same.

However every family law case is different. We do not believe that fixed fees are the way to provide you with a cost effective service.

Whilst some firms are offering fixed fees for certain types of family law, if you look at the "small print" they often limit the work that will be done on your behalf, resulting in you being charged a lot more for any additional work carried out on your case. In order to make fixed fees profitable, some firms will employ "case workers", not solicitors, to undertake the work for you. Some solicitors' firms see fixed fees as swings and roundabouts, meaning they will make more money on some cases than others.

We do not believe that you should end up paying extra for work you had not realised you would be charged for, for non legally qualified people to deal with your case, or to subsidise the more complicated cases if yours is straightforward.

Therefore we will only ever charge you for the advice given, and work actually undertaken on your behalf.

All work will be carried out by solicitors so that you can rest assured that your case is being handled by an expert, providing a cost effective and efficient service.

We will provide you with a realistic estimate of your likely costs at the outset, which we will regularly review and let you know if that estimate is likely to go up or down.

As we do not have expensive offices in the city centre, our fees are very competitive, meaning that you will receive the best advice and assistance, without an extortionate price tag.

We have flexible charging rates and provide true value for money.

We are happy to discuss various payment options with you, and can accept payment by credit or debit card, if that is more convenient for you.

We are able to offer legal aid for cases in which social services are involved in your family to those who are eligible. To see if you may be eligible for legal aid please go to our Legal Aid page.

To receive more information about our fees, and to book an appointment with one of our dedicated solicitors, call us on 029 20796311 or email us now.

All discussions are confidential, and for cases involving social services you may be entitled to Legal Aid .


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