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Pre-Nuptial, Pre-Registration And Cohabitation Agreements

Document SignatureWe know that when you are planning to get married, enter into a civil partnership or move in together, thinking about what would happen if you were to split up is not very romantic!

However we have found that we are increasingly being asked to help people to prepare agreements to address the arrangements if they split up, to help provide some certainty.

If your relationship ends in divorce or dissolution, as the law currently stands, even if you have an agreement, there is no guarantee that in the event of a dispute, a judge will uphold the agreement.

As the law does not recognise the idea of common law husband and wife when you decide to live together it is also important to try and establish what your intentions are if you were to split up.

That does not mean however that you should ignore the importance of having an agreement.

As long as certain strict conditions are met the court may take the existence of an agreement into account when deciding a financial separation.

That is why it is very important to have expert legal advice about this complex area of law.

To discuss issues relating to pre-nuptial, pre-registration and co-habitation agreements, and to receive further information, book an appointment with one of our dedicated specialist family law solicitors. Call us on 029 20796311 or email us now. All discussions are confidential.

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