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Unmarried Couples

If you are an unmarried couple facing separation, you will need expert help and advice in relation to arrangements for the children and in terms of separating financially.

Contrary to popular belief, there is no such thing in law as common law husband and wife! This means that unmarried couples do not have the same financial claims that married couples have. Our dedicated experts in our family team can help resolve the difficult and emotive issues that can arise on separation.

For an idea of how your finances may be affected by your separation visit the independent Money and Advice Service divorce and separation calculator.

If you are a couple contemplating setting up home together you may want to consider preparing a cohabitation agreement to set out how you wish your property and assets to be divided if you should separate in the future.

We recommend mediation as a starting point in the hope that mediation, combined with sound legal advice, can result in an agreement without the need for court proceedings. Alternatively you may wish to address both the children issues and financial consequences of you separation through the Collaborative Law process.

We use our experience, skills and expert knowledge to negotiate on your behalf and once an agreement is reached we can draw up a separation agreement to regulate the financial split.

In the event that court proceedings are unavoidable, we are able to represent you in an application under property law to resolve that aspect of your separation.

We can advise you about the children of your relationship. When dealing with the children the same law applies for unmarried couples as for married couples, and further information can be found here: Contact And Residence Disputes.

We can also advise you about child maintenance for any child of your relationship.

To discuss issues regarding separation, and to receive further information, book an appointment with one of our dedicated family law solicitors. Call us on 029 20796311 or email us now. All discussions are confidential.

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